Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sharpies Should be Outlawed

Today's Pros:
1. I finished all my grading for the semester.
2. My final exams are written and copied.

Today's Cons:
1.  This
2.  and this
3.  and this
4. and this
5.  AND THIS!!!!!!!
and 6. (not pictured) Belle emptied the bubble bath onto the bathroom floor this morning and was covered in it. I left it, as I was (once again) 15 minutes late. At least the house smelled baby fresh when we got home. This seemed like a really big deal until #1-5 occurred.

Hopefully, the marks on her face will be gone by tomorrow morning. Yes, the marker's permanent. Thank God for the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I got it off the tile, but not the grout.


  1. OMG! The only thing I can think to do in moments like these is to breath deeply and re-approach after a few glasses of wine or beer.

  2. I'm just reading your blog. So the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really works? Does it work on the walls too? Caleb got hold of a Sharpee marker and marked the wall and we are thinking we'll have to repaint the whole wall.
    In case you run into coloring with crayons on the wall WD-40 works wonders on that! Takes the crayon marks right off. (Doesn't work on Sharpee marks though)

  3. It worked on my tile, but not on the wall. And only on the tile, not the grout. I was so happy, because the tile was only a couple of months old.


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