Monday, June 7, 2010

5 am. Oh, How I Hate Thee.

Belle has a nasty habit of climbing into our bed somewhere between 3-5am. We've been lazy about curtailing this because of work. Now, that I'm off, this has to stop. When Chad gets up for work, she's up and wants her "ceweeal." Translation = I'm up at 5am on my "summer break."

Melanie got up unusually early this morning as well.

Aside from being tired, I don't mind getting up really early. I can usually do some reading and hop on the internet while they watch their morning programs.

This morning, however, was go time.

A transcript of my dialogue with Melanie:

I'm on the computer.

“Hi, Mommy. Can I stand here by you?”
“Sure, baby. What is that smell? Is that my….? BELLE! Melanie, why didn’t you tell me?” Probably because she helped. Belle is covered head-to-toe in lotion.
“Mommy! Belle has makeup!
“Thank you for telling me, baby.” I lock everyone, including myself, out of my bathroom.
“Mommy! Belle has a marker!”
“Mommy! Belle has Chapstick! I told on her 3 times.” I hate that f'ing kitchen drawer. It’s an abyss of shit toddlers should never touch.
“Mommy! Belle has nail polish!”
“Mommy! Belle has nail polish again!” Benny Hill music should be playing. We're all repeating the same cyclical motions. Belle goes into her bathroom; hauls said item out to the living room. I walk over to her. She hands me said item. I put it out of reach ( I think.)
“Mommy! Belle has more lotion!” I lock us all out of their bathroom. I’ll pick both bathroom locks later.
Time is now 6:45 am.
I hear a chair being dragged across the tile. This means she wants something completely (or so I think) out of reach.
Oh no you didn’t! She’s messing with my Kindle.

Looks like we’re going to school early today.

How can you be mad at this face, though?

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  1. You should really write a book. Finding the perfect words to paint an appropriate picture in a readers' mind is a gift and you've got it.

    Although tiresome, your girls are precious and they are giving your groupies a smile!


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