Sunday, May 6, 2012

Freddy, My Love

Earlier while flipping through the channels, I came across Nightmare on Elm Street 2.  I should have changed it because the girls were in the room, but I got sucked in. Besides, nothing too gruesome was happening.

Melanie says, "This isn't scary at all."

This from the child who used to run out of the room whenever the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk was on TV.

When at last I turned the channel, Belle freaks out.  "I want to watch the claws!  I love it!"

Melanie begins furiously sketching Freddie Krueger, talking herself through it:  "Head, body, feet, claws..."

"Don't forget the hat, Melanie."

"Oh, yeah."

Next, I had to answer what seemed like a million questions about Freddie Krueger and why he has claws and why was that boy's arm ripping open? and why is he crazy?, etc....

I just wanted to to yell, "Because his mother was raped by 100 maniacs, THAT'S WHY!"

But instead, I sat back and realized that I brought all this on myself and knew that my children would most likely be having nightmares tonight, regardless of how much they think they "love" Freddy.

So, I changed the channel to Dance Moms, because that's so much better for children's viewing.


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  2. Ha ha sooooo funny mother. It's because I was like 4 and I thought he was the devil!! So I love Freddy cougar and dance moms is not appropriate for kids right now because there is a lot of drama going on.-Melanie

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