Monday, April 30, 2012

Horrible, Christina. Absolutely Horrible!

"Dear God.   Please restore my brief sense of style.  I look ridiculous.  Amen."

Worst Case Scenario
I take back everything I wrote in my recent post about Christina Aguilera's transformation from tacky to tasteful.  She is slipping back into her old ways.  Why is she doing this?  Her appearance tonight on The Voice is laughable.  This image is actually the outfit I was referring to in the other article.  But what she is wearing tonight is far worse.  She just can't help herself.

And Christina, if you want to sing, go to a studio and lay down a track.  Because it's not about you, it's about the contestants.


  1. Absolutely. And this picture cracks me up. And the one on the side with you thinking of Chad. This whole blog is hilarious. I might feature it in my vlog soon.

    1. Please, do. Because these days I'm all about shameless self-promotion.


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