Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Isn't it Ironic?

Literally a few hours after I finally signed my contract for next school year (the Teamsters would have been proud of my 3-week holdout), I got another job offer. I don't think I'm going to accept.

It's a tutor coordinator for an SES tutoring company. I'd be in charge of student and tutor recruitment in 3 counties, including Citrus. The work is from home, which is good. The biggest negative is that the pay isn't consistent. It's based on the number of students enrolled. If I were to leave my current job, I'd need to be guaranteed a certain salary with a set number of hours.

I'm still waiting to hear if my request to work 3/4 time will be approved. Things don't look optimistic. I'd take a pay cut, but wouldn't report to work until 9:00am. I'd teach the same number of classes, but with no planning period. The Union has issues with that. If I didn't sign the contract soon, it was going to expire. I may have been out of a job altogether.

I feel like the only way I could justify leaving is if a full-time virtual teaching position came my way.

The mornings aren't getting any easier, though. Even going in 30 minutes later (students are gone), we had a meltdown over socks, or something insignificant like that. Yesterday, I asked Melanie why she was crying. She said she didn't know. I don't either. At least she's honest.

At any rate, today was my last day. I don't report back (maybe) until August 2.

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  1. Here's the good news... it won't always be that way. They will get bigger and grow out of these phases that are so hard on us now. I am not sure if it gives you any comfort to know you aren't alone in your struggles, but you're not. I am not saying that I have to deal with screaming matches at 5:30 in the morning, but I know where you are coming from. The only advise I can think of is to stay calm and if socks are the issue, then it's a no-sock day. My girls seem to straighten up if I calmly say, "Ok, then we won't worry about socks today." I usually get some type of compliance at that point. If I don't, then I just have to pick my battles. Regan insisted on wearing her princess nightgown as her day-clothes the other day. Mark was mortified that I agreed, but I sincerely have more important things to do than fight it out wit a 3 year old. At the end of the day, what do I care anyway. She did look cute even if she looked like she was on her way to a slumber party at the garden center. Oh well - that's how I am learning to roll :)


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