Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shameless Plug

Since I know that you, my many (if many can be defined as more than 3) followers are literate and enjoy reading, I thought I'd throw you a tip.

Start reading the Rizzoli and Isles Thrillers by Tess Gerritsen. I started with The Surgeon, which is the first in the series. I downloaded it to my Kindle because it was only $1.99 and sounded interesting. I couldn't put it down. Then I read The Apprentice, which was just as good. Now I'm on The Sinner. There are 8 in the series.

Jane Rizzoli is the only woman Homicide Detective in the Boston Police Department. Maura Isles is a medical examiner. They work together on cases. Rizzoli is tough as nails and puts up a macho front. Isles is well put together and no nonsense. Other recurring characters are the members of the Homicide unit. Every book has a different murder mystery. Isles isn't in the first book. She is introduced in the second, but doesn't play a major role until the third. I get the feeling that the author didn't originally intend to write a series, but kept on writing because the characters were so popular. The books have crime, suspense, thrill, forensics, romance, but best of all, really solid characters. They're like crack. I'm hooked.

The series is being made into a drama on TNT called Rizzoli and Isles starting this July. Here is a conversation with Tess Gerritsen about the series.

This is her website.

When I read a really good book, I want others to read it too so we can talk about it. I'd loan it out, but that's the one downside of a Kindle.


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