Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Back (sort of)

I don't know what my problem is.  I have the worst case of writer's block.  When I'm teaching and full of angst and frustration, the words keep-a-flowing.  But this summer, with my kids all up in my business, it's hard to get my groove on.  I've certainly experienced writable moments, but I just can't be bothered to pound it out on the keyboard.

In an effort to post in July, I'll share some notable happenings of my summer thus far:

1.  I've been reading a lot.  Of course, I'm hooked on smutty, short romance novels because I'm trying to pump up my stats, but who's judging?  Typically, I enjoy meatier subjects (pardon the pun) during the summer because I have more time to focus and absorb. But this summer, if the novel doesn't have a shirtless six-pack on the cover, I'm not reading it.

2.  I have a new workout regime.  I'm all about Yoga and Pilates.  If the workout requires shoes, forget it.  I also don't want to be yelled at.  I have a slight problem with purchasing new workouts every week, because I like to keep mixing it up, but I'm digging the results.  Of course, I haven't curbed my food or alcohol intake, so I'm not losing weight.  But I'm more toned and feel good.

3.  I'm working part-time for Florida Virtual School.  I'm a TA for Driver's Ed.  To your number one question the answer is "Yes," it is possible to teach Driver's Ed online.  It's only the written portion...rules, regs, say no to drugs/texting, etc.  Thank God they didn't review my driving record as a prerequisite.  I've wanted to get on with them for the longest time.  This is seasonal at the moment. I'm hoping to stay on part-time into the school year and eventually switch to Social Studies.  It's sort of a bummer, though, that it came about during my time off.  Working is really cramping my fun in the sun.  Which brings me to:

4. I LOVE our pool.  What the hell did I ever do with my time before we had it?  I cant' get enough. If the mosquitoes wouldn't devour me, I'd sleep on a raft in it.  My obsessive compulsive personality is rearing its ugly head though,  because tanning has become my job.  I feel it's a must to be out there everyday, for multiple hours.  And I've got no business being in the sun everyday. Skin cancer runs like wild horses through my family.  I've personally had skin cancer removed from my scalp.  My lesson?  Wear a hat.  And broad spectrum SPF.  If it's sunny, I'm out there.  When it's raining, I'm pissed.  The good new is that I haven't gotten burned once.  The bad news is that I'll never have more than a healthy base tan.  A Hawaiian Tropic Model I'll never be.

After our week at the beach over the July 4th holiday, the girls can't be bothered to swim anymore. There are too many bugs, their ears hurt, they want to watch T.V.  I say piss on that.  So, I leave them inside and float about alone.  They come outside occasionally and ask me to place Barbie's hair in a ponytail  and then disappear.  We threaten that we're going to call Mr. Pool to come and take the pool back.  That gets them fired up.  "NO!" they yell.  But still, little to no swimming occurs. This of course is an idle threat because I will most certainly be lost without that pool. Tomorrow (weather permitting), I'm hiding the remotes and the iPad and forcing them to swim.  "And you will enjoy it, dammit!"

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