Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Not the Only One Who Finds Christopher Scott Worthy

So does the the 2012 Emmy Nominating Committee.  He is nominated for two SYTYCD dances from last season...two of my faves.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Nigel Lithgow!  Take a look.

Twist and Sasha- "Mysty Blue"

Men- "Velocity"

Also nominated are Stacey Tookey (3 Contemporary), Spencer Liff (2 Broadway), Travis Wall from his company's performance on Dancing with the Stars, and 3 numbers from Smash ("Let's Be Bad," "I Never Met a Wolf," and "National Pastime").

I've spent a decent amount of time today watching all the nominated dances on YouTube.  If I had a vote, I'd either go with Scott or Smash.

Speaking of Travis Wall's dance company though, I stumbled across a promo for his new Oxygen reality show this morning.  LOVE it!  Lot's of SYTYCD alums.  You can watch the first episode online, which I did.

Of course, next week, Nigel will drone on and on about the noms.  He seems to see them as a nod to show.  Which they are to an extent. The show's nomination for best Reality Show is his, but the dances are the vision of the choreographers.  I still think he's too stingy with his admiration for their craft.  

All and all, my day has pretty much been spent watching dancing online.  Not bad.

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