Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Imbecile Parade

Exhibit A- an "imbecile."
We have a running gag in our family that is probably not found in any parenting manuals and is most likely frowned upon in many social circles.  We refer to anyone we see riding a motorcycle as an "imbecile."  Not sure why or how it started.  I have nothing against those who choose this lifestyle.  Personally, I've never set foot on the machine, and likely never will.  But, to each his own.

There is a Harley Davidson superstore in our area that hosts a lot of events for cyclists.  We drove past and witnessed one such event last week.  As I saw the double line of motorcycles several hundred feet long making it's way down the highway to the store, I exclaimed, "Look, girls.  It's an imbecile parade."  Sometimes I say things to my kids that should probably be left unsaid.  

Jump ahead to today in Music class.  (In case you are are not privy to this information, I teach Music at the same school where my girls attend.)  We were discussing drums and the percussion family.  As an example, we listened to a march.  I said that drums play a major part in marches, especially in parades.  

Melanie raises her hand. 

"Yes, Melanie?"

"Speaking of parades, we saw an imbecile parade the other day."

Sound of screeching tires (in my head).

"Yes, you're right.  We did.  [Long awkward pause. 15 expectant pair of eyes on me].  So, anyway, uh....drums......."

Thank God the average Kindergartner doesn't know the definition of an "imbecile." 

Also, your kids will ALWAYS repeat things you say.  Lesson learned.

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