Saturday, April 28, 2012

Melanie's First Mani/Pedi

Melanie and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the nail salon.  Because she was with me, I did not get to catch up on my reading, as I normally do.  But I did get to enjoy some pretty kick ass music from the '90s.  I'm talking the whole decade...the soundtrack of my life that included high school, college, and my early career.  I don't know where they get the music, but I must own it.  Is it some sort of special order Muzak?  Would a Vietnamese nail salon in a substandard mall even invest in such a thing?  Their music is always the same, always a perfect mix, and always magnificent.  In fact even when I go alone and get to read, I get sidetracked by the tunes.  Man, I loved the '90s!

I apologize that the first paragraph had absolutely NOTHING to do with the title and purpose of this post.

So anyway, when I wasn't envisioning myself dressed in all white and dancing on on a pier to Britney Spears' Sometimes, I was documenting Melanie's first professional manicure and pedicure.
Who doesn't love a hand massage?
Convincing a 6-year-old to keep her hands and feet still is nearly impossible.
This is the life!
It was a nice mother/daughter bonding experience.  The music made it that much sweeter.

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