Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mother of the Year...Again

We've been lounging all morning long.  My default TV channel for background noise is Bravo.  I left the room for a bit.  During a commercial break, Belle calls to me.
"MOMMY....I want the big kids' show with the girl with the hurt nose." 
"What big kids' show?"  Jesse?  Shake it Up?  Any Disney comedy? 
"The one that has the girl with the thing on her nose."  ????? 
"What's her name?" 
As in...
Alexis from the Real Housewives of Orange County
So, my almost 4-year-old is caught up in a marathon of Orange County Housewives.  Evidently, it's the episode where Alexis elects to fix her "deviated septum."  Big kids' show indeed.

Next I hear both girls yelling, "ALEXIS!"

I find this...
"Alexis won't keep her bandage on!"
I will not comment on Alexis being portrayed by a monkey.  Please do not ask me the significance of the snake.

Time to head outside.

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