Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Classic Bait n' Switch

This is such a mindless subject to ponder, but I've often wondered if the celebrities who endorse box hair color really used the product prior to the ad.  Their hair always looks phenomenal.  If they do use it, I'm doing something horribly wrong.  I suspect they don't. Or if they do, they have some master hair colorist doctor the product with subtle highlights.  That and the lighting tech illuminates the hell out of it.
Her hair has never looked better, because her hair is pretty much crap.
My hair would totally have a green tint at this shade.
I'm not buying it.
Hell to the no!
If I could get blonde like that out of a box, I'd never go to a salon again.
A celebrity I would pay NOT to use my product.

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  1. No way they really use that shit. Just like Britney endorsed pepsi but she preferred coke. Blech.


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