Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Fun to Come

We've been thinking about a pool for ages, but we just don't have the money for an in ground pool. Lately, we started batting around the idea of an above ground pool.  They've come a long way from my childhood.  Last Friday, Chad and I went to Mr. Pool.  Bottomline, we came home with a 16'x32' new best friend.  That was until we started adding up all the other expenses that went along with this pool.  Since then, we've Chad has been up to his eyeballs in re-designing/building our back porch.  When finished, it will be really nice and what we've wanted for a long time.
Tearing up the old deck boards.
The hose is running non-stop.  I don't even want to see this month's water bill.
View from the back.
Notice the overseer in the window.
Side view.
Thinking about what else has to be done.
Waiting very patiently for the pool to be finished.
The money is worth it because it can be a very long summer when the girls have nothing fun to do outside.  But like every home improvement project, this is opening up the flood gates for more plans.

More photos to come when it is actually finished and the pool is filled.

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