Monday, May 7, 2012

How Amazing were 'The Voice' Finals?

The Voice Finals were AMAZING!  Here  is my breakdown:

Last performance excluded, the guys hands down, won the night.  They brought their "A" games.  As it was explained to us (repeatedly), Juliet Simms was sick.   The guys were stellar in all three of their performances.  Juliet only shone in her actual solo.  

Christina Aguilera has got to stop making this show all about her.  She was not nearly as self-congratulatory tonight as in past weeks, however I still counted seven times where she somehow brought the conversation back to her talent or ailments.  The absolute worst, though, was her mini-concert during her duet with Chris Mann.  Admittedly, sick or not, she sounded great. And he was phenomenal.  So my question is this:  Why did the judge have a bigger part in the duet than the contestant?  All the others shared the verses equally, but not Christina.  No, no....she has to be star #1 ALL THE TIME.  It didn't help that the camera was also on her the majority of the song.  For God's sake, the song began with Chris' back to the camera.  But that is a director's choice, so I'll have to forgive her that foul.

What the hell does Christina have against Tony Lucca?  Twice she made a jab at him tonight.  This does not include the countless other slights made throughout the season.  Even The Today Show picked up on this when  the contestants were interviewed this week.  They both were on The Mickey Mouse Club.  She's now a star.  He's a 36-year-old contestant on a reality show.  Why is she threatened?  

Same sex duets are far better for competition purposes.  As mentioned before, The Prayer sung by Christina and Chris was absolutely beautiful.  But the harmonies and placement of voices always allow the female to shine in a duet.  Cee Lo and Juliet's duet was just all right.  It sounded like a throw-away performance where she was trying to preserve her voice.  I loved the honestly and tenderness of Tony's and Adam Levine's duet.  This was an example of harmony and melody blending perfectly.  Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton's duet was so much fun.  It allowed them to both loosen up and show their fun sides.

Christina slightly redeemed herself when she cried at the end of Chris' performance of You Raise Me Up.  She does seem to truly care about her team and is genuinely moved by their performances.  

Of all the contestants, I would personally buy Chris Mann's album because I like his style of music, and his voice is amazing.  But if I had to guess how America will vote, it is this:

1. Jermaine Paul
2. Juliet Simms
3. Chris Mann
4. Tony Lucca

We'll see if I'm right or wrong on Tuesday night.

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