Friday, May 4, 2012

The Healing Powers of Venison

Earlier tonight, Melanie hits her nose and is crying.  I tell her to go get an ice pack (notice I do not offer to get it myself....tough love/laziness.)  I hear the freezer door open and shut.  I assume all is well.  A half hour later, I find an abandoned package of frozen deer meat on my couch.
A thousand legitimate ice packs and she chooses this.
Chad went on a hunting trip in the Fall and we have been eating deer meat like its our job.  Mmmmm...delicious!  

Just think this.
And not this.
It feels (and tastes) better that way.

P.S.  What the hell is that all over that doe's back?  The infamous deer flies I hear speak of?  I know the bastards like to bite my legs, and it hurts like hell.  Geez, cut this mom a break, will you?  That's a lot of flies!

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