Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gin and Bear It

My dad gave the girls a giant bear for Christmas.
I too had a giant bear as a child.
There is half full bottle of gin in the cabinet from a party.
We got a new camera for Christmas.

What to do with your time on a Saturday night when all of these items are at your fingertips?

I give you our solution.  What you are about to witness is not for young viewers.  No bears were harmed in the shooting of this documentary. Dialogue seemed trite and awkward.  I've instead provided a mock-up of each scene.
Bear breaks up with girlfriend.  Buddy consoles him.
Bear turns to the bottle.
Bear struggles with calling said girlfriend.
Gin catches up with Bear.
Bear collapses in drunken fit.
"Don't ask."
This is not the last you'll see of the bears.  I just need more time to flesh out my concept.  Trust me, we have enough stuffed animals in this house for more characters.

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