Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Know This About Myself

If you've read any of my blog entries, you know I'm a reader.  I like to fancy myself connoisseur of fine pieces of literature, but let's be honest.  Those types are better left for audio when an excellent voice actor can read it to me.  During the school year, when my brain is fried, I need quick, mindless, chick lit.

And I mean quick.  Like read-it-in-less-than-3-days quick.  After that, I'm over it.  I read reviews stating the common phrase "I stayed up all night to finish it.  I just couldn't put it down."  My nightly wine consumption prohibits me from achieving this.  I have to get all my reading done during the day.  We all have our priorities.

Cue choir of angels because I found the perfect book to meet my needs.....
This was "laugh out loud" and "read specific lines aloud to anyone who'll listen" funny.  As the title suggests, the main character, Babe, is a narcissistic rich girl who really doesn't have many problems.  Still she makes the case that her "white girl problems" are indeed real.  It really is such a hindrance that she hates the appearance of her vagina, and it's so unfortunate that her alter ego, Babette, emerges whenever she begins to feel strongly for a man.  It's supposed to be a memoir and is based on a Twitter feed.  As I read, I kept Googling  names and pictures and could find no matches.  Events and dialogue became more outrageous (e.g. grandmother mauled by lion in Africa while wearing zebra print, personal trainer who promotes strength and  flexibility through sex IN THE GYM), so I kept investigating.  Now, don't you think for one minute that I wasn't loving every delicious syllable of this book.  Just after turning that last page, I came across this article that FINALLY answered my questions.  Babe Walker is a fictional character invented by three friends!

Thank God!  Now I don't have to hate myself for wanting to be her best friend.  The writing is so clever.  It's really what makes the book.  If you enjoy sarcastic wit and well-placed dialogue, read the book.

Now I'm on to my other favorite snarky, bitchy writer....Jen Lancaster.

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