Monday, March 26, 2012

The Irony of Blogging

In an effort to make it appear as if I lead a fascinating life, I have actually forfeited real living.  I'm trying to ramp up my blogging to in turn help my writing.  I'm trying to get some freelance writing gigs, but I need samples.  I like the creative challenge of having to organize thoughts and put them in writing.  But blogging is way harder than I thought.

I am off on Mondays and did nothing today.  Seriously, I.did.nothing.  I did manage to squeeze in a workout and telephone call, and in doing so was almost late picking up my kids from school.  I can piss away a day better than anyone.  I almost need to write to keep busy.

I'd like to share with you a portion of my phone conversation.
Me:  Writing is hard. It's not easy trying to be witty and charming at the same time.
Natalie:  I liked the bit about the bear.  That was funny.
Me:  Yeah.  I'm hoping to create a whole Swingers  story line.  I'll need more animals.  Possibly some bunnies because they would sooo fit.  What I should really be doing right now is setting up some more shots with the bears. I'm thinking that I could---  
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Natalie:  Wait.  I'm sorry.  Let's walk that statement back. Did you really say you needed to snap pictures of stuffed animals?  That right there is a blog post.
 So the question is, do you write about funny happenings or create funny happenings in order to write?


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  2. It may have been a rhetorical question, or quirky way to end your post, but creating funny happenings is a thumbs up when it comes to blogging. I like to call it creative non-fiction. I truly miss writing, and reading. I hope to make some time this summer and get back on the blog wagon. Great posts! I like the bear piece as well.


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